CoCo View Resort - February 2012

Another wonderful two weeks at CoCo View.  It is just the best place to relax, escape the winter blues, and dive to your heart's content.   A bit cool and rainy the first week, but that only made week two seem more like heaven -- sunshine and balmy temps all week.

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The day boat trip to the east end of the Island, Pigeon Cay, was a special treat.  Nice dives and a very nice way to spend a day with a small group of friends.

Special sightings this week:

  • A batfish at the boat landing
  • Atlantic Spadefish stroking themselves on Eddie's fins
  • A lovely shrimp on a Swimming Crinoid
  • A white seahorse with a black face
  • A Queen Triggerfish pair protecting their nest
  • Pencil-eraser sized juvenile spotted drums
  • Cruising Eagle Rays
  • A seahorse camouflaged in Halimeda leaves
  • Courting Flounders who bellied together and swam vertically like mating Mandarin Fish

Another memorable trip.

February 2012

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